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We all know that motorcyclists feel a certain way about their bikes. It’s one part pride, one part exhilaration, and one part love — there’s no other vehicle quite like it. However, most motorcyclists also don’t ride motorcycles because they’re known for being safe — which is why a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy is just as important to have when you’re hitting the road as your helmet and leather jacket. Let’s look at some basic information that everyone should know about the best motorcycle insurance packages around. 

Motorcycle insurance policies are meant to help protect you and your bike in the event of an accident or another non-transit incident. Most states require drivers to purchase liability coverage, which pays for property damage or medical bills incurred by another party due to your actions on your bike. Lots of packages also include collision coverage, for if you’re involved in an accident with another bike or object, and comprehensive coverage, which helps riders recover financially when their bikes are damaged by wind, rain, fire or flooding. Although uninsured motorist coverage is slightly less common, it’s just as important as the others: just because you’ve responsibly purchased enough insurance for your bike, doesn’t mean that lunatic swerving in and out of traffic did. Bodily injury, replacement cost assistance and roadside assistance can all be appended to motorcycle insurance packages as well. 

This leads us to what many riders want to know: how much does motorcycle insurance cost? Each motorcycle insurance quote is completely different, depending on your own unique set of circumstances and experiences. Do you have a Harley-Davidson or a Suzuki? Have you taken a motorcycle safety course? Do you drive year-round, or store your bike in the winter? All of these considerations are things that insurance companies look at very closely when determining your policy rate. 

Before you buy, it’s crucial to compare motorcycle insurance quotes. Some insurance providers can give you great discounts if you bundle packages, while others might look at your driving history or custom bike parts differently than others might. To get motorcycle insurance online, you can visit our website for a quote from an expert today. 

Cheap motorcycle insurance might be better in the interim, but in the long run, it’s always better to go for the right overall package for your needs. Contact us today — we have the best insurance coverages for you and your bike, and we’ll probably be cheaper too!

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